Bank of China

Hong Kong

Graduate Programme

Established in 2013, potential talents who graduate from tertiary institutions around the world are sought after in joining our Graduate Programme. To better response to the fast-changing financial market landscape that is intricated with tightened regulatory requirements, and advanced technological advancements, a Graduate Programme that embeds the overarching developmental strategies and talent development philosophies of the Bank shall mark the successes of our potential calibers. Young talents who get on board will set off their career journeys through receiving a six-month integrative training that focuses on the personal banking segment. With adequate foundational knowledge, competencies, and experiences accumulated, these talents shall evolve to become professionals in various departments.

Programme Structure

To craft clear career development blueprint of yours, we have divided our Bank’s businesses into various segments. You may easily indicate 1-2 departments that specifically interest you in your application. Upon passing all assessments and interviews, we would suggest the departments that best fit you by considering your background, interview performance and the your traits that are observed and known by us.

Sowing seeds in the six-month integrative training on personal banking, you will have a concrete understanding of bank operations. These foundational exposures shall grow your capabilities in shouldering greater responsibilities and conquering challenges, and thus give sprout to your future success in becoming a bank professional in your designated department.

Training and Development

Orientation and Classroom Training: One-month intensive classroom training offers you solid understanding of the banking industry, you can get familiarized with our personal banking business development strategy, organization structure, product knowledge, customer facing techniques and also the regulatory requirements.

Branch Familiarization: During the second month to sixth month of the Programme, you will exert yourself in frontline diversity which comprises of rotations across various positions. Stepping out from campus, you will build hands on experience through job rotation at one of our branches. The mass retail exposures would deepen your understanding in our banking products, customer segments and service model, of which they evolve as fundamentals of your future development.

Professional Development: By then, you would have joined the Bank for six months. Having accumulated much knowledge and deepened your understanding towards the Bank’s strategies, it is the right time for you to reintegrate to your designated department. New team means new learning platform. Apart from receiving another round of trainings, you are expected to make good use of the previous exposures gained as the springboard, to develop yourself to be a business specialist in the industry.

Career Coacher

During the 6-month integrative training, your Branch Manager shall assist in facilitating your branch adaptation and the understanding of branch management.

During your attachment of designated department, our experienced on-the-job mentors shall evaluate your performance to support personal development thereafter.

Career path

Upon completion of Programme, it is the right time for you to reintegrate to your designated department, to develop yourself to be a business specialist in the industry. Bank of China (HK) has in place a well-established and comprehensive talent management system for our staff. We are committed to continuously enhancing our staff’s professionalism and unleashing the potential for sustainable success.

Application Deadline

13 Novemeber 2016

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