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Olivia Mills

Bachelor of Construction Management &

Property at the University of New South Wales

"Built’s graduate program provides a high level of exposure to all aspects of the construction industry allowing graduates to gain experience whilst simultaneously applying tertiary education skills practically within each rotation. Built’s ‘The New Way Forward’ approach fosters a positive culture in which graduates have the opportunity to learn in a structured and supportive environment. It has been a privilege to take part in Built’s graduate program and I could not recommend it highly enough to those thinking of applying."

Oliver Hatton

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) at Deakin University 

“Built’s graduate program is setup to ensure that your first steps into the construction industry provide great exposure to projects, and a high level of support from senior staff. Being paired with a mentor who understands the learning curve involved when starting in the construction industry has been pivotal in making the most of my first years in the industry.” 

James Campbell

Site Engineer (former Built graduate)

Bachelor of Construction Management at Western Sydney University

“The endless opportunities provided to myself during the Graduate Program gave me the knowledge and choice to decide who I want to be and what I want to achieve within Built as a company and the construction industry as a whole. During the program, I had access to experienced, senior individuals who offered advice whenever I had questions and gave up their time to ensure I furthered my learning in the rotation I was in. If I could offer any advice to someone considering Built’s Graduate Program, I would tell them to try everything and to be a sponge, soak in all of the learnings and ask as many questions as you can!”

Elliot Knox

Contract Administrator (former Built graduate)

Bachelor of Engineering at UNSW

“Built’s cadet and graduate program offers both a challenging and rewarding experience for those new to the construction industry. The program is well developed across multiple business streams and strong support was always offered by Site and Construction Managers. Over the two-year experience, there is an opportunity to work within the various business streams and gain insights to help shape your career trajectory. The program is flexible in that it allows students to continue their formal studies whilst gaining essential onsite experience. Built is always supportive in finding this balance as both experiences benefit the other in return.”

Matthew Ball

Site Engineer (former Built graduate)

Bachelor of Construction Project Management and

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at UTS 

“Built’ works on a diverse range of projects which sets it apart from the pack – from complex fitouts and refurbishments, through to construction of new hospital wings, high-end apartments and office spaces. It’s a really unique mix which is hard to find at other builders and allow you to develop a wide-ranging set of skills in all areas of building and construction.” ;

Taylor Gileno

Project Engineer (former Built graduate)

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) at Deakin University

“The culture at Built cultivates a really strong and a positive environment. My colleagues have continued to encourage me to strive to be my best while supporting ongoing learnings, further allowing me to develop my career and progress into a project engineer. To be able to love what you do, and do it every day is a great feeling and is encouraged by Built”