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Graduate – Data Engineering Technology

I’ve always admired organisations who demonstrate their vested interest in enabling women to grow in industries that aren’t traditionally female dominated. So, when I saw Suncorp had an intern program specifically for women in Information Technology, I was immediately attracted to the opportunity. It was clear to me that there was a lot of support and recognition for girls in the tech world at Suncorp.  

My initial nervousness about the program quickly dissipated when I saw how welcoming my new team was. The managers at Suncorp are really supportive and approachable. So, when the internship ended in 2019 and they asked me to come back to the team after graduation, it was easy to say yes.

As a female in the data engineering space, I thought I would have to really push myself to stand out from the pack. But I’ve learned in my time at Suncorp that you don’t have to have all the knowledge of your domain before you start; it’s an organisation that values taking the time to teach and offer resources to its graduates so they can learn and evolve as professionals in their chosen field.

I’ve been encouraged to pursue what I truly like here, and I’m not afraid to make mistakes so I learn more for the future. I think what’s been most valuable to me is true acceptance of who I am. Diversity and inclusion are not just words at Suncorp – but in everyone’s actions.


Graduate – Business Banking

I’m passionate about rural communities. The community, the people – I just love it.

I grew up on a broadacre farm in Central West New South Wales, and I’ve always wanted to live and work rurally.

In my final year of study, I had a few people encourage me to pursue banking as a great way to grow your career and be out on the farms, without being tied down to one spot.

One thing that really attracted me to Suncorp's graduate program was the opportunity to rotate through different teams. It was exciting to me that I’d be able to see different towns and industries, and always be moving and trying new things. Especially when you’re young and you can just pack up and move.

It’s important to me that I’m making a difference in the work that I do, and I love that Suncorp backs the things that are important to me too. I’m only just starting out and it’s exciting to think of the changes I’ll see over my career.

I love seeing their businesses grow and knowing that Suncorp has helped along the way. 

Suncorp’s point of difference is that they really do care about the customers they support. I’m part of this community too, and I love meeting the people and learning from them.


Graduate – Insurance Underwriter 

From day one I’ve been responsible for work that affects the business, working on large accounts from start to finish and working with senior leaders on major projects.

I’m encouraged to ask questions and look for ways to improve how things are done. I’ve also had the opportunity to improve processes in my area to increase workflow accuracy and effectiveness.

Suncorp supports its people with flexible working conditions and an emphasis on learning, helping develop and adapt everyone working here for the ever-changing future.

Being on the Grad Program has seen me rotate through four different positions over two years, giving me an understanding of Suncorp and building my professional network along the way.

While the Grad Program’s learning courses supports my professional development, I’m encouraged to also get involved with Suncorp’s many groups, events and initiatives to expand my learning further.

One such group I’m involved with is Amplify, Suncorp’s LGBTIQ+ and allies network Employee Resource Group. It fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, supporting LGBTIQ+ inclusion, charity fundraising and the Graduate Community Committee among others.

When joining the workforce, it was important to me to find an organisation that cares about and promotes Diversity and Inclusion as much as I do, and through Amplify, Suncorp does exactly that.